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One wedding, five trailing bouquets! – beautifully shot at Newby Hall by Johnny Draper

Arcadian Weddings/fg/JD1(300 x 200)

A really beautiful and very stylish wedding at Newby Hall in May.  The house and grounds were the perfect setting – with a beautiful Marquee from Classic Marquees. The bride (stunning in white) carried a large hand wired trailing bouquet of callas, roses and freesia and orchids in ivory and shades of purple – and her bridesmaids (wearing a wonderful anthracite/blue) each had one too! They looked amazing and the pictures by Johnny Draper are absolutely fabulous.

My favourite bit- delivering the bouquets!

Me and the bouquet box (300 x 200) Arcadian Weddings rose, calla and orchid trailing bouquet Ceremony set up with arch in Marquee at Newby (240 x 300)

A wedding arch created serene focal point for the ceremony with table centers in silver vases on plinths to either side.

Arcadian Wedding Flowers FG1 (200 x 300)  M&S cake with flowers (200 x 300)

Fiona’s family had been in the Umbrella making business – so I incorporated parasols into the large arrangements outside the marquee.  And the cake was provided by M&S – with a little enhancement by me!

My (much poorer quality) pics showing the tall table decorations with callas submerged in the vases and suspended candle baubles  - and low mounds of flowers in large Globes:

Tall table arrangement with submerged calles in the vase and suspended candle baubales (225 x 300) Globe with mound of flowers (225 x 300)

Large displays with parasol 16.49.28 (225 x 300)

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