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Striking sunflowers, purple lisianthus and tiny tanacetum at the Sun Pavilions, Harrogate

1 Arcadian Wedding flowers sunflower Bouquets (225 x 300) This bride wore a deep purple petticoat that was just visible beneath her beautful 1950s inspired satin gown.. and her favourite flower was the sunflower:  what a wonderful scheme to work with! I added the tiny daisy like tanacetum and a variety of deep green foliage to bring the complementary  flower sizes and colours together and made sure there was lots of texture – and the use of mirror vases throughout added a modern touch.  I thought the existing decor might be a challenge – but there is so much light and garden colour at the Sun Pavilions.  The bride and groom loved it – so I think it worked!

Arcadian Wedding flowers at The Sun Pavilions Harrogate (300 x 225)

Arcadian wedding flowers staircase decorations at The Sun Pavilions, Harrogate (225 x 300)

Mirror cubes with sunflowers (219 x 300)
Arcadian Weddings tables at the Sun Pavilions Harrogate (240 x 300)Arcadian wedding flowers - mirrored martini vase display (215 x 300)


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